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MAVet is present at Corporea exhibition.

Corporea is the first interactive museum in Europe dedicated to the knowledge of the human body. In the 5000 square meters of the new building that houses it, the museum presents more than 100 exhibits, sensory and laboratory experiences. Body, which will be available in three languages - Italian, English and Chinese - is also the first museum that integrates ancient collections with hands-one experiments and introduces visitors to the world of the Fab Lab.

„Culture is a primary commodity like water“

- Claudio Abbado -

The Museum of Veterinary Anatomy collaborates with the exhibition through the loan of some of its exhibits, two series of waxes from 1920 of the "Ziegler" company from Friburgo, one depicting the embryonic development of the eye and the development of the external male and female genitals , two models of adult human brain always of the same firm, a disarticulated skull, a hand with forearm and historical instruments of biological laboratory, two microscopes and a microtome.

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