The Collection

Since the beginning of its history, the museum has preserved skeletons of animals of various species and classes and layouts of anatomical preparations such as injected hearts, limb muscles of various animals, etc.

The didactic vocation has meant that over the years the museum was equipped with numerous anatomical models made, according to the historical period, in plaster, clay, wax and plastic resins.

Over time the museum material has been enriched with collections such as the "Diamare" from the name of the scholar who donated specimens of Mediterranean dry and formalin fauna to the Museum or the "Ziegler" series of waxes by the German company from which at the beginning of the 20th century numerous models were acquired depicting the embryological development of the egg of the Euthers, of various organs of the Man and of the embryo of the Birds.

Today the Museum also has an informative and scientific and educational purpose and consists of about one hundred complete skeletons, half of which are mammals and the remaining part of birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish. There are also about sixty naturalized animals divided between mammals, birds and reptiles and several hundred anatomical preparations obtained with various techniques.


"Monster" is an individual who has a profoundly different structure (due to abnormality or deformity) than that of other individuals of his own species.

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